AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]

In this article, I’m going to share my personal experience after I bought my own from Alidropship premium dropshipping store.
So If you’ve been thinking of starting your own online business, you probably have already considered creating a dropshipping store.

I’ll share with you the whole steps from setting up the store to how I got my first sale with the AliDropship premium store.

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]













I understanding starting from scratch can be hard and time-consuming at the same time, there’s a lot to consider and it can be discouraging.

You’ll have to go through the stress of niche research, winning products, test adverts, and store customization to appeal to your potential customers.

What if all of those stress are taken away, and what you have is an exact copy of a successful dropshipping store with products ready to start making sales?

You won’t have to do any niche research, because what you have already is a catalog of tested and proven winning products.

Not just that, you also have access to the same promo materials of these successful dropshipping stores. Materials like pre-created ad copies, visuals, Facebook audiences, targeting, etc.

Sounds great, yep?

This is exactly what the AliDropship premium dropshipping store is all about!

And I’m going to walk you through the whole process and show you how you can be successful about it.

Purchasing the store only does not guarantee your success.

There are other steps and actions that need to be taken and I’m going to show you how I went about my own premium store after I purchased one from AliDropship.

So stick around as I unveil this

In this AliDropship premium store review, we’ll be looking at everything you should expect, what’s included and what’s not and equally, it’s pros and cons.

Let’s dive straight into it!

What Is AliDropship Premium Store?

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]

The AliDropship premium dropshipping store is an exact replica of some of the AliDropship top-performing dropshipping stores.

When you purchase one of the premium stores, you’ll get an exact copy of one of the 9 available premium stores. Depending on which one of the stores you want.

This includes the store’s theme, website structure, imported products, design element, product data, etc.

Basically what you’ll get is an exact copy or duplicate of one of the highly successful dropshipping stores.

It more like a “kick and start” business, you basically have everything needed to be successful with the dropshipping store.

This includes features like; bestselling products, products from reliable suppliers, premium themes, and promotion strategies to replicate.

Initially, when I first got the AliDropship premium store it was around Sep 2021.

And for one reason or the other I couldn’t follow up on it because I was busy with another project at the time.

The first one I got was the Car accessories store that generates over $500,000 per month.

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]













At that time it was recently launched and the installation process was very complex.

How Does The AliDropship Premium Store Work?
AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]


Currently, they’ve listed 9 among their successful dropshipping stores for anyone interested to make a purchase.

You, on the other hand, will have to download the website files and upload it on your own web hosting and finish the installation process.

And Yes!

You’re going to need a domain name and web hosting after you’ve purchased one of the premium stores.

But if you want the AliDropship team to handle the installation process for you, you can as well add it to your order.

You can host any of the premium stores on any web hosting you like but make sure the hosting server supports Ioncube Loader.

Bluehost comes with a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and 30 days money-back guarantee and it supports Ioncude Loader.

So I feel Bluehost is a good match!

Once your store is up and running, you can also use the same promotional strategy used for the successful dropshipping stores to promote your store.

These include:

Facebook and Instagram Audience
Text Copies

You just need to replicate or even create something better than that for your own store creation more on that later.

The Marketing Package

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]





The marketing package includes chosen few among dozens of tested products by the AliDropship team.

Based on their research, these are the best products doing well for the choosing store you want to buy.

So the products are currently in high demand, their landing pages are optimized for high conversions, targeting details are clear, creatives and ad copies are also created to attract a maximum number of visitors to your store.

The marketing package comes with information you can use to set up your Facebook ad campaigns.

The Marketing Package information includes:

  • Product name: Since the winning products are included among the product on your store, you can use the name provided to find it on your website.
  • Ad Creatives URL: This links you to the best performing creatives that you can use in your various ad campaigns.
  • Recommended Audience: This contains targeting information or data about the audiences that are truly interested in the particular product you’re about to promote. Here’s an example below from one of the ones provided for me.

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]

  • Recommended Placements: This includes the best placement to show your ads according to their experience based on their previous promotion.
  • Product Ad Copies: These are Ad copies that proved their efficiency and showed the best performance among the others.

I found the whole process very easy as a result of the marketing package I got alongside the premium product.

Because everything I did with my ad campaign was literally copied and paste.

I tested 2 of the winning products from the package, One outperformed the other and I was able to make sales the first day running the ads.

Initially, I was getting like an order per day until I stopped the campaign then start with another targeting interest.

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]











Within the first 3 weeks of promoting the store which is around Sep 2021 to Oct 2021, I was able to generate around $1900 product sales.

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]










The ad campaign was actually a crash campaign because the whole idea back then was to test the AliDropship premium store and most especially the marketing package.

I equally did a video on the AliDropship Premium store review about my sales on YouTube channel, you can also check it out.

The Installation Package

As I said earlier, I didn’t purchase the installation package with my premium store. Instead, I installed it myself.

From my experience, I think the installation process is pretty much straightforward to do.

Once you’ve set up your WordPress site, you’ll need to install the premium replica plugin which will be used to import products to your newly created website.

I did a walkthrough video on how I installed my premium dropshipping store, you can check it out and use it as a template to install your own.

Again, if you’re worried about not been able to install the store yourself or scared about messing things up and you later want to go for the installation package, you can also do that.

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]









As you can see from the image above, I got a mail from the AliDropship premium team manager ‘Tatyana’ with links to purchase the installation package perhaps I change my mind.

Sellvia Product Shipping

The Sellvia package is a recent product by the AliDropship company.

It’s an ideal solution for dropshippers that are looking to target the US market.

This package allows you to ship your products within 1-3 days across the united states using their US-based fulfillment center.

With Sellvia, you can expect the following:

  • Enjoy 24 hours order processing time
  • 1-3 days delivery across the United States
  • 200+ best sellers in stock and growing
  • keys for up to 10 stores where you can use the Sellvia add-on.

Other than the fast shipping, Sellvia products come with professionally designed product pages and a ready-to-go marketing campaign coming soon.

Finally, you will still be able to ship from AliExpress if you want to sell worldwide.

How Does Sellvia Work with Your Website?

Sellvia is an installable plugin that lets you import products from the Sellvia store catalog!

All the product catalog are kept in their California warehouse which makes them ready for quick US shipping.

When a customer places an order for any product, you’ll be able to fulfill the product via Sellvia instead of AliExpress.

All you need to do is make payment on Sellvia website and once your order is received they’ll process it within a day, unlike AliExpress products that take up to 7days for processing.

After the product is processed, the Sellvia warehouse then delivers the product with 2- 5 business days.

However, you should know that the package costs $39 every month to keep using it.

Other AliDropship Add-ons I Use on My Premium Store

AliDropship Premium Store Review: [My personal experience]

This isn’t compulsory or necessary because it only going to be additional cost in your own case.

But if you can add any AliDropship addons to your store I’ll suggest you go with the following:

  • Social Rabbit: The Social Rabbit plugin is a WordPress Plugin that promotes your website on social media automatically. You just have to set up a template for it and it runs according to it.
  • Upsell: The upsell plugin allows you to triple your sales with catchy and complementary products based on your customer’s taste. It encourages your customers to buy more products from your sales and make them happy with each of the products they’ve gotten.
  • Count-down timer: The Countdown Timer Add-on is a promotional tool that helps to create urgency and scarcity in every possible way.
  • Recent Sale POPUP: The sales Pop-up works by giving your online store the traditional brick-and-mortar feelings. It does this by showing the evidence that there are many happy customers already buying your products.
  • Abandon Cart Plugin: The abandoned cart add-on gets the details of your potential customers. This is done to later forward email notifications to remind and encourage them to come back to your store.

The addons plugins are basically to help increase your product sales conversion on your website.

You can find the addons and other amazing ones here.

What’s Included in the AliDropship Premium Store?

These include the exact items of what you’re going to get immediately you purchase the AliDropship premium dropshipping store.

And what you’re also going to upload to your web hosting server.

Let’s go through them so as to be sure of what you’re going to GET before making a purchase!

  • An exact copy of your chosen premium store
  • Store design and customization
  • Mobile responsive and SEO-optimized website
  • Ready to sell winning products linked to suppliers
  • Catalog of pre-edited products
  • Nicely written product description
  • Well written customer reviews for the products
  • 3 add-ons with license key (Facebook business plugin, GA Enhanced Ecommerce plugin, Abandoned Cart plugin)
  • Covers, Avatars, and Bio texts for your social account design
  • Finally, the AliDropship automated plugin

Going through the AliDropship blog itself you’ll find tons of valuable info and tutorials for free that you can use to supercharge your dropshipping business.

This includes paid marketing guides and free marketing guides you can use to market your products after you must have installed the website.

What’s Not Included in The AliDropship Premium Store?

These are the list of what you need to make the store live after your purchase, but not included in the AliDropship premium store.

Additional items you’ll need but not included in the package. They include:

  • Hosting and Domain Name
  • Store logo
  • Social Media Accounts

For the store logo, you can use the one included in your purchase, it comes with the file you download after making a purchase.

Or better still, design a new one for yourself!

Final Thoughts

I feel the AliDropship premium store is worth the price as I have one myself.

If you think about the value you’ll get for that price alone, you’ll understand it worth more than that.

The marketing package lets you know the exact audience to target when you decide to promote your store, which could have cost you a lot on test adverts.

You won’t have to waste your money on test adverts or winning products or searching for reliable suppliers. Everything you need is made available to you.

So what do you think about the AliDropship premium store review?

Do you think is worth it or not, do let me know what you think about the stores using the comment section.

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